Baby blanket

I just spent most of the afternoon making a blanket for a co-workers new born baby. When I picked out the fabric, they did not know what the gender was going to be, but the baby was born today and it’s a girl. This was my first time making a blanket and so also my first time using blanket binding. It is not perfect, but I worked very hard on this and hope that she and the baby like it!

There is bad lighting in my room. The yellow is a soft yellow and the green is a soft mint green, really pretty. The color of the bears face is the same fleece I used for the back. There are cute bears, cats and clowns on the fabric.

Dotees #2 & 3

I don’t think one of my partners has received her dotee yet, but I wanted to post anyway. Hopfully if she happens to look here, she won’t mind a sneak peak!

This one I cut from a bandana meant for a dog. I liked the fabric which is why I bought it. the charm is turned around but it is a blue and pink dragonfly, really pretty.

Forgot to take a picture of the back, but there is a different fabric that has a unicorn on it. I could not figure out how to use that for the main part so it was made as the back. For the tail, I strung beads on craft wire and swirled it to make it look spiffy. The orange stands out but it was listed as my partners favorite color so i wanted to add it. The wire I used is purple.

Fabric coil bowls

I’ve seen these a lot on Craftster and thought they looked fun to make, and I was right.

I’ve had this fabric sitting around for a few years now and had no idea what I was going to do with it. I’ve been wanting to destash some of my craft stuff as I have a lot and thought this would be a good project for the fabric.
Flame dragon fabric
I found an easy to follow tutorial with pictures and cut out my strips and got started.
Bolw in progress 1
Bowl in progress 2
This was my first time using the zig-zag stitch so it’s not perfect, and I’m a newbie at sewing anyway…
Finished bowl
Finished bowl inside
It is not very big or deep as this was mainly a test run to get the hang of how to do it. Last night I made another slightly bigger and deeper one with the same fabric. I’ll add a pic of that one later.

Since making two now, they are very addicting and I’m looking around for more fabric to cut up and thinking up ideas of what to make. I want to try and make a bed for my kitten, Black Jack, and I think he’ll like it.