Punch needle 2: Skull (wip)

Here is what I have so far on my second punch needle project, a skull. I don’t have any white thread at the moment, so just the black so far.
Punch needle skull front
Punch needle skull back

It’s much neater than my first one on the back and it’s going easier too. I got this done pretty fast too. I just ran into some tiny knots of doom with the other threads while trying to separate them and ended up throwing out the little bit that was left because it got ruined. I need to find a way to separate the threads when there are only a couple left. That’s when they tangled. I had no trouble when there were more together, but they really twist up when there are only two or three. I’ll learn!


Finished punch needle embroidery

Here is my first finished piece. Simple and I only have two colors at the moment, but I like it.
My first punch needle!

Knitting, spinning, punch needle

Okay, here are the pics.
Finished charity scarf #4
Charity Scarf #4
First time trying punch needle embroidery. As you can see, some of it came undone. I think I need to make the loops longer. I’ll have to read about that later. Just the outline so far.
Trying punchneedle
This is the yarn I’ve spun so far on my new drop spindle. I was having problems with it so the yarn is far from perfect. I got very frustrated so I only did one strip of roving so far.
Fail yarn