Sick weekend = Crafty time!

So I wound up with a cold on Thursday and because my breathing became a pain, I did not go to the gym for a few days. Instead, I stayed home bundled up under the covers and worked on some projects.

I had been planning on making a shawl in hairpin lace, but I was not paying too much attention to what I was doing since I was teaching myself. Instead, I attached all the pieces I had together and made it into a long scarf.
Hairpin lace scarf

This is a washcloth that I started knitting last year but got distracted by something else and never finished. Now it is all done. It is using Sugar n’ Cream cotton yarn.
Simple washcloth

I used up two skeins of Caron Simply Soft (Eco) yarn to make this bag. It is good-sized, could hold a pair of shoes and other stuff since it will stretch. I have no idea what I’ll use it for though.

I then made myself a hat to match the scarf I made a couple of months ago and with the remaining yarn I was able to make a skinny scarf. I love this yarn it is so soft! It is Merino 50 by Lang Yarn.
Hat and scarf

I have a few other projects in progress but that is nothing new here. I’m back to going to the gym since I can breathe a bit better now so my crafting time is down a bit. I am going to work hard on using as much stuff from my stash as possible and only buy things if I need them to finish a current project.

….famous last words? Probably.

ATC and scarf two

Here is another ATC for the Deadly Sins swap over at Swap-Bot. This one is Greed. When I hear Greed I think money and that means gold. It took me awhile to figure out how to do this one with what I had, but I like it in the end. Hope my partner does.
ATC - Greed

And I finished making the second scarf that I plan on donating later this year. It is short but is just long enough to put one end over your shoulder. It’s really thick and soft too. Not sure what size needles I used. My biggest, that’s all I know.
Scarf #2

Paper Beads-Done

Here are the paper beads that I have made so far. I’m thinking of using up the rest of my paper and make more of them since they are so easy.

Paper Beads

I joined a paper bead swap the other day so last night I started making them. They are really easy to make so I think my partners will get more than the minimum.  I am using origami paper and they pages are a perfect size. I get a dozen beads for just one piece of paper!

I will post pictures when I have more done.