Rug hooking with yarn

Today I did an experiment with yarn since I knew it was possible to rug hook using yarn.  I bought a small roll of burlap at one point at Michaels since it was on sale. That is what I used since it was hemmed and I could cut a piece of for a small piece.

I have tons of yarn to play with, so I doodled a design and went at it.


I should have used thicker yarn, but it worked well enough for a first try. The paisleys look okay, the flower and swirl at the bottom turned out good. The red blob in the middle was supposed to be a heart. I cannot figure out how to get it to keep its shape. I even tried to use black to outline it but it still turned into a circle.  It kinda looks like a ladybug so it’s fine I guess. I do want to learn how to do a proper heart though!

Sharp points are hard. There was supposed to be a star but I just could not get it to work out. The top right is a crescent moon with a random purple blob on the right, and another in the top center.

It was a good learning experience. I do want to try again with thicker and better yarn. I just dug into my acrylic stash for trying this out. I am going to look around online to see what I can find for tutorials/classes.


New experiment

Since I have a ton of soda tabs to play around with, I decided to try out something. Right now I am crocheting around tabs and will probably put them all together and make them into a bag. I’m hoping the tabs will had a bit of firmness to the bag to keep it from being floppy, but I’ll see what happens when I get to that point.
Here is what I have so far:
crochet with soda tabs
I want to try something like this next.

I also washed the yarn I spun up and had it hanging to dry in the shower this weekend though it still feels damp to me! I’ll take a better picture when I get it wrapped up. I also have more waiting to be wash on my spindle.
setting the twist

Knitting, spinning, punch needle

Okay, here are the pics.
Finished charity scarf #4
Charity Scarf #4
First time trying punch needle embroidery. As you can see, some of it came undone. I think I need to make the loops longer. I’ll have to read about that later. Just the outline so far.
Trying punchneedle
This is the yarn I’ve spun so far on my new drop spindle. I was having problems with it so the yarn is far from perfect. I got very frustrated so I only did one strip of roving so far.
Fail yarn