Blending Board Fun!

Now that I had some fun fiber to play with that I purchased at NY Sheep and Wool, I ordered myself a blending board from Fancy Kitty. I only had to wait two days before I had it in my hands and I started playing with it that night. Blending boards are great for mixing fibers and making your own rolags or mini batts from for spinning. Here is what I have made so far.

Oscar - .35oz - merino blend - 10.24.13






Which spun up into this:

Now I just need to find projects that will work with what I’m mixing and spinning up. Either way, I’m having a blast with fiber. Last weekend I got more too. This time I went to the New England Fiber Festival. I got some new fiber to try out. Can’t wait to get started. Can’t decide which I want to do first!

The white fiber is cormo and so soft! To the left of that in the bag is sari silk. The blue/purple mix under the cormo is alpaca, also super soft, and the red/orange braid is polworth. I’ve never spun any of them so we’ll see how it goes. The two heddles on the left are for my Cricket loom, an early Christmas present so I can weave now. I’ve only had the one heddle since I got my loom a couple years ago. Now I can do thinner and thicker yarns!

Merlin Tree Road Bug spinning wheel

A while ago I purchased my first spinning wheel with the money I got for Christmas. It is a small wheel, small enough to fit inside a carry on luggage bag! It is very easy to use and after a few days I finally was getting the hang of things. I still have a long ways to go to get to a nice and even yarn, but I’m not doing bad so far.



This shows the first two skens that I did.  The top skein is the first one I did and the bottom is the second. You can see how much better I’m doing already!
Wheel spun #1 & #2


All the other ones shown are two ply. This one is thick and thin singles that I did to weave with.

What it looks like woven up:

I made a monster for my nephews birthday. He loved it.

I have lots more fiber to eventually spin up, but first I am working on using up all the acrylic I have. Projects with that to come next.


And number two is done

I just finished weaving my second scarf on my new loom. I’m having so much fun with this! For my next one I am planning on trying out a pattern. I think it’s pinwheel houndstooth but can’t remember for sure.

Cricket scarf #2
Cricket scarf #2
Cricket scarf #2

This one is a much better length than my first one. I also like it better with the same yarn as warp and weft than the first which had the white for the warp.

I love my Cricket loom!


I completed the scarf I posted about the other day. It turned out shorter than I had thought it would, but that is my fault for measuring the warp wrong.

Completed scarf
completed scarf

Scarf number two is already on the loom and half done. I’m finding that weaving goes very quickly for me, at least doing plain weave. I’ll be looking up patterns soon, I think !

My new Cricket loom!

On Wed I ordered a Schacht Cricket loom through Lionbrand yarn since it was cheaper than anywhere else. I got it on Saturday and actually was not expecting it since I never received a notice for it. I got it all warped up and started weaving on it last night. I have having a lot of fun with it and I can’t wait to learn more techniques with it!

For the warp (the yarn that goes front to back) I used some of the Wool-Ease in the Fisherman color that came with the loom. For the weft (the yarn you weave with) I bought with it and it is also Wool-Ease but in a color called Autumn. It is dark colors but the white lightens it up a bit. Since I am making a scarf I have a long way to go yet.

Here are some in progress shots!
Lionbrand Wool Ease - Autumn
First weaving close up
My first weaving on Cricket (wip)