Swap time

I have just finished making stuff for a swap over at Craftster. I feel like I should add more to it but at the same time, there is a lot to it.  I am getting ready to start on the Dotee swap now but I probably won’t get them started past the sketching stage right now as I’m rather tired. I have lots of ideas though. I think I have a mould I can use to make clay faces but I’m not quite sure how I would attach them. I may just use fabric ones for now.

In a swap I received some nice roving for felting so I may make a felt Dotee but we’ll see. I havn’t tried it out just yet but my fingers are itching to get pokey, lol. As usual, everything is a challange when my kitten Black Jack insists on checking out and helping me with everything I’m doing. When he’s not sleeping on this computer, that is.

Oh, and yesterday for a swap I made my first card and evelope. Like the dunce I am, I forgot to take a picture before I had it all sealed up! D’oh, I’ll have to remember next time.



I pulled out those wool strips (turns out they were only 70% wool) and they are too skinny to make a bowl with, at least with the rope I have. I think I still may be able to felt with them. I will be going out today after work, hopefully, to pick up the felting supplies and I will try it out.


So, I just remembered that I have some wool strips somewhere that I originally got to use as doll hair. I’m wondering if I could use the strips for the baskets? If I remember right, they are really skinny so I would probably only be able to make a small bowl.

But I also want to try felting and they are 100% wool strips so I may use them for that instead. I’ll take them out tonight or tomorrow and try and decide on what to do.