First clay human figure

I wanted to try and sculpt a doll but ended up with this instead. Sculpey is hard to sculpt not to mention that my clay is rather old. So here is a funny looking girl that I made.





She is very very far from perfect, but I still had fun making her. I need to get some sculpting tools


Busy Weekend

Now that November has come and gone and I am no longer writing frantically for NaNoWriMo, I am able to get to other things. I finally got to crafting up some things I had thought of while writing and was happy I could get to it. I had ordered some molds for resin casting on cyber Monday through Joanns and they arrived on Saturday. Saturday night I threw some things together and waited for the resin to set. The pieces are still very flexible but they turned out better than I thought.

Waiting for resin to set. The green piece is something I made a few months ago for my first attempt at resin. I coated the sticky part with some glaze.¬† The resin I am using is Easy Cast by Castin’ Craft that you can find in most craft stores. I got mine from Michaels. It is very easy to use as long as you measure correctly. It is 1:1 but I did not measure quite right this time.

waiting for resin to cure

The finished pieces are clear and very smooth, the opposite of attempt number one. They are very very flexible though so I don’t think I added in quite enough of the hardener. I added in a small amount of embossing powder to give the pieces some color as well as some seed beads.
Resin bangle and pendents

While waiting for the resin to cure (which took two days) I pulled out some clay and made up some bases for pendants. I stuck some fancy stickers on them and coated with a product called Glossy Accents that I really like.
I need to coat the backs and add a loop so I can use them. I may add a second coating to the top but have not decided yet. I have a few ideas with these pendants for Christmas gifts, maybe use them as tags and have them be key chains. I realized after I used the gloss that I should have made holes in the clay first. If I tried now, the gloss would crack and ruin the piece. I already cracked one (one of the ones with the paper on it), but I’ll find something to use it with.

Once the holiday is over, I plan on trying out a lot more ideas that I have with the resin. There is one thing I have  had in mind for ages so I hope I can get around to trying it.

Next up, clay!

I have a bunch of Sculpey to experiment with this weekend and if anything turns out good, I’ll be posting. I just need to pick up a few tools at the store tomorrow and then I’ll be making stuff for a Halloween swap I’m in.

I also have an idea for my shrinky dinks that I haven’t tried since that first time. Too many distractions! XD