Adventures in Tapestry

I am finally going to give tapestry a real try. I think I mentioned in my last post that I tried it before on my rigid heddle loom (a Schacht Cricket) that it just didn’t work on that loom. Last week I picked up a little Hokett loom from Webs. I did up a simple striped tapestry to try it out. I used my handspun yarn, so it’s thick and thin, so the warp shows through in places. I really don’t mind with this one though as it was mostly for experiment purposes.


I have not decided on how I’m going to hang it, so I tucked the top loops behind the weaving for this picture. I wanted to add something interesting and that is what the tails are at the top. I may try this again with a better weaving and add beads. We’ll see.

On Friday my Mirrix Big Sister arrived. I got it warped up Saturday morning but I did not start weaving until last night as I wanted to finish the little one above first.


This is the progress I made last night. Using some videos on youtube, I am slowly getting the hang of it. Bubbling is new to me so the selvedges are a bit off, but I’ll get better as I go. Starting off with simple stripes and did some blocks.


The hardest part for me so far is deciding which technique I’m going to try next!

Let’s play with Tapestry

While I am still waiting on the part for my wheel (apparently there was a mishap with the email so he never got my address), I picked up this pretty Hokett tapestry loom when I went to Webs the other day. I’ve tried to do tapestry before on my Cricket, but a rigid heddle is just not meant to hold high enough tension, and the angle is wrong. I got this little loom to play around with. I also  have a Mirrix Big Sister (16″) on order that should be here tomorrow.


Hokett Tapestry kit in exotic wood

I started weaving with scraps of acrylic and my handspun. I really did not like the look of the acrylic so I unwove it. I decided to just use my handspun. I’m not too far yet, but here’s what I got so far.


My simple tapestry so far.

I can’t wait until my Mirrix arrives. I’ve wanted one for awhile now and ordered it for myself for my birthday present. I also ordered a tapestry kit and bought the class that goes with it, so I’ll be doing that.

Hopefully the part to my wheel will be in early next week (maybe Saturday if it gets shipped out today). I really am sad at missing so many days of spinning, but my spindles are just killing my shoulder so I can’t spin at all. At least I got some things done up, so I’m happy with that.

And another

This one is smaller than the one I previously posted. More like a shawlette; just enough to keep your neck warm. This one is going to my mother since her favorite color is purple. Again, made with handspun yarn by me.

100_2706This time I took a picture of my loom. This is a few sizes down from the biggest.


Time to do another one! This time I’ll be using brighter colors. I’m so sick of all this snow we’ve been getting. I need more colors around here!

New toy: Tri-loom!

I have been wanting a triloom for awhile now to make fast shawls out of my handspun yarn. I finally broke down and bought one (thanks to a bonus at work) and it arrived yesterday. I ordered it from The Woolery and it is made by Stone Mountain Alpacas.  It has a nice and smooth finish and the stand was also easy to put together (once I realized I had two of the pieces backwards, lol).


I found a chart online that gives estimates on the amount of yardage needed for each size triloom. For this size (2ft) it is 50 yards. I had some handspun Cormo wool that came out to be around 80 yards so I thought it would be perfect for this project. It is super soft and squishy and a yarn that feels good against more sensitive skin (like your neck and face).


I wish I thought to take a progress picture to show how it is woven, but I didn’t. I’ll try to do it next time.  Anyway, this is what the piece looks like off of the loom. I made a mistake somewhere in weaving that had me end on the wrong nail, so I had to bring the yarn back down through to fill the gap and to get the empty nail at the bottom. That is why there is a thicker section in the middle.  I still need to finish it off (wash and block) and I haven’t decided if I’m going to add fringe yet or not. I do still have some of this yarn left.


Even though it is not perfect, I think I now have the hang of how to weave on this loom. I just need to be more careful as I go so I don’t make the same mistake. I did looking over it multiple times but I never found where the mistake was. Oh well. I still ended up with something soft and squishy.  By itself, this piece is not big enough for a shawl or shawlette. It is the size of a bandanna/handkerchief.  If I had more of this yarn, I would weave up more triangles and stitch them together, and that is the plan for my other yarns.

I will be doing another one later today when I get home from work, so I’ll be sure to post that one when it’s finished as well. :)

Sick weekend = Crafty time!

So I wound up with a cold on Thursday and because my breathing became a pain, I did not go to the gym for a few days. Instead, I stayed home bundled up under the covers and worked on some projects.

I had been planning on making a shawl in hairpin lace, but I was not paying too much attention to what I was doing since I was teaching myself. Instead, I attached all the pieces I had together and made it into a long scarf.
Hairpin lace scarf

This is a washcloth that I started knitting last year but got distracted by something else and never finished. Now it is all done. It is using Sugar n’ Cream cotton yarn.
Simple washcloth

I used up two skeins of Caron Simply Soft (Eco) yarn to make this bag. It is good-sized, could hold a pair of shoes and other stuff since it will stretch. I have no idea what I’ll use it for though.

I then made myself a hat to match the scarf I made a couple of months ago and with the remaining yarn I was able to make a skinny scarf. I love this yarn it is so soft! It is Merino 50 by Lang Yarn.
Hat and scarf

I have a few other projects in progress but that is nothing new here. I’m back to going to the gym since I can breathe a bit better now so my crafting time is down a bit. I am going to work hard on using as much stuff from my stash as possible and only buy things if I need them to finish a current project.

….famous last words? Probably.

Trying something new – Hairpin Lace

A few months ago at a fall festival I stopped by a church that was having a huge tag sale. I found a tin full of thread and some odd-looking pins and I thought it might be for tatting, since it was tatting thread with it. After doing some poking around, I found out that it was not tatting but something called Hairpin Lace which is a type of crocheting. What I had in the tin was small, black U-shaped pins and one of which had something in progress. After finding out what it was, I went to YouTube to look up videos on it. I found that in most of the videos the people were using larger looms that looked different but it was for the same purpose. This is the video I used to get myself going.

Wanting to try it out, I went to Michael’s and purchased a Hairpin Loom for around $4 or so and headed home. I had plenty of yarn to work with, all mostly worsted weight, so I tried it out. I thought it would be best to learn with bigger yarn that to try it with the thread.

Hairpin lace

hairpin lace close up

It turns out that this is something that is very easy to do because you only need to know how to single crochet! I only know two stitches in crochet and even I had no trouble with this at all. I should have taken a picture of the work on the loom but did not think of it then. I’ll be sure to do so tonight if I remember.

With this, I am making a bunch of strips which I will then join together to make a shawl. This is part of my project to get rid of more of my stash, or ‘destashing’ as those of us in the crafty world call it. It also goes towards my 50 Projects for 2012. One down, 49 to go!


I completed the scarf I posted about the other day. It turned out shorter than I had thought it would, but that is my fault for measuring the warp wrong.

Completed scarf
completed scarf

Scarf number two is already on the loom and half done. I’m finding that weaving goes very quickly for me, at least doing plain weave. I’ll be looking up patterns soon, I think !

My new Cricket loom!

On Wed I ordered a Schacht Cricket loom through Lionbrand yarn since it was cheaper than anywhere else. I got it on Saturday and actually was not expecting it since I never received a notice for it. I got it all warped up and started weaving on it last night. I have having a lot of fun with it and I can’t wait to learn more techniques with it!

For the warp (the yarn that goes front to back) I used some of the Wool-Ease in the Fisherman color that came with the loom. For the weft (the yarn you weave with) I bought with it and it is also Wool-Ease but in a color called Autumn. It is dark colors but the white lightens it up a bit. Since I am making a scarf I have a long way to go yet.

Here are some in progress shots!
Lionbrand Wool Ease - Autumn
First weaving close up
My first weaving on Cricket (wip)

Handmade Loom

I bought a wooden picture frame to make a loom out of and it turned out to work pretty good. For my first project, I used regular acrylic yarn for the warp but I used yarn that I handspun for the weft. It was a pain to spin but it turns out that it works great and looks pretty fantastic used this way. Lots of color and texture to it.

Handmade frame loom

Close up

Right now I don’t know what I’m going to do with the finished product, but I’m thinking I might just make it a wall hanging in my craft room.