I pulled out those wool strips (turns out they were only 70% wool) and they are too skinny to make a bowl with, at least with the rope I have. I think I still may be able to felt with them. I will be going out today after work, hopefully, to pick up the felting supplies and I will try it out.


So, I just remembered that I have some wool strips somewhere that I originally got to use as doll hair. I’m wondering if I could use the strips for the baskets? If I remember right, they are really skinny so I would probably only be able to make a small bowl.

But I also want to try felting and they are 100% wool strips so I may use them for that instead. I’ll take them out tonight or tomorrow and try and decide on what to do.

Fabric coil bowls

I’ve seen these a lot on Craftster and thought they looked fun to make, and I was right.

I’ve had this fabric sitting around for a few years now and had no idea what I was going to do with it. I’ve been wanting to destash some of my craft stuff as I have a lot and thought this would be a good project for the fabric.
Flame dragon fabric
I found an easy to follow tutorial with pictures and cut out my strips and got started.
Bolw in progress 1
Bowl in progress 2
This was my first time using the zig-zag stitch so it’s not perfect, and I’m a newbie at sewing anyway…
Finished bowl
Finished bowl inside
It is not very big or deep as this was mainly a test run to get the hang of how to do it. Last night I made another slightly bigger and deeper one with the same fabric. I’ll add a pic of that one later.

Since making two now, they are very addicting and I’m looking around for more fabric to cut up and thinking up ideas of what to make. I want to try and make a bed for my kitten, Black Jack, and I think he’ll like it.