Fiber Festival of New England

As promised in my last post, here is my haul from the festival today! Not much but I love the yarn I got.

ffne haul 2018

January Spin Crazy!

Since I got my Ashford eS3, I have been spinning daily. Right now I am still going through my fibers from SpinningBox’s so they are small skeins for the most part. I just found two more to spin up so I’m off to do that.

Right now I wanted to share the crazy amount that I have spun just in the two or so weeks since I have had my spinner. This is just for January alone. I have not set the twist yet so have not measured anything, but I wanted to show pictures of my new yarns.

I am having so much fun with this. I am planning on weaving with the smaller amounts but I’ll have to think hard about what to make with the bigger skeins. Especially that last one. I love the Orion Nebula one so much!

A New Toy!

Last week my Ashford eSpinner 3 arrived and I have been spinning up a storm since. It only took a short bit to put together, and then I was off and spinning. I really like how you can adjust the speed, and love the start/stop ability of the foot pedal. It becomes a hand button when my cat wants my lap though, lol.

The fist one is the fiber that came with the spinner. The rest are from the December 2017  SpinningBox. The last one is from this months SpinningBox. I will be spinning the rest very soon.  Just to note, I have not set any of these yet so they are still a bit twisty in parts.


Cozy, warm hat

Yesterday I loom knit myself a hat. I used my handspun yarn that is a blend of alpaca and angora. I wish you could touch it through the screen. It is so soft that I can’t stop petting it. I will be leaving shortly to go to a party, so will be wearing it. It is only 10* out right now so I definitely want a hat on!


I did not use a pattern and it was made using the green Knifty Knitter.

Black Jack

I made a rug hooking of my cat. He was supposed to have a mouth and whiskers but they did not look good so I left them off. Since he is all black, I think just the eyes looks fine. The dark green is a bit hard to see unless in bright light (pic is with flash).


Seaweed Scarf

I started this scarf back in July and worked on it off and on. Determined to finish it, I have been working on it pretty much daily this month. I finally finished it at 1am this morning.


The pattern is available on Ravelry. It is very easy to do and is great if you have not done the knit through the back loop increase. So I learned something new doing this!

Now to decide what I’m going to work on next. I have many things I want to do but there is only one of  me!

Fiber Fest of New England

This past weekend was FFNE that takes place down at the Big E fairgrounds in one of the buildings. I go every year and even though it’s two weeks after Rhinebeck, I still find myself needing more fiber stuff! Here are the things I bought.

I am trying out rug hooking because I really love the way the finished items look. I picked a small one to start with. I am trying to finish the scarf I have been working on off and on since the beginning of the year. Once that is done, then I have to pick the ‘what is next’ game.  I need to find a way to clone myself so I can do multiple things at the same time!

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