NY Sheep and Wool a.k.a Rhinebeck

Yesterday I went to the NY Sheep and Wool festival in Rhinebeck, NY. My mother and I went via bus that left from a local yarn store. We left the lot at 7am and arrived around 10am.  There was a sea of cars parked in the lots and I was happy that we did not drive ourselves because trying to find our car after would have been like trying to find a needle in a haystack!

We made sure to pick up the program book that had a map as well as the times for events, workshops and a long list of vendors. There were around 200 vendors there so we saw some of everything.  It was a constant stream of ‘oooh’ and ‘aaahs’ coming from us as well as the other visitors. The vendors were nice and very helpful, as well as some of the visitors if they heard you talking about something.

I saw so many things that I wanted and yet I was trying to be good. I still had a lot of fiber at home waiting to be spun up, so I only got a few items. I also got a Turkish spindle that I’ve been wanting to try. I played with it on the bus before we left to head home. I don’t know how I managed it, but my wallet was not empty when we left!  You can see my haul in the picture, but here is a list of what I got;

1) Turkish spindle (I don’t remember which vendor I got it from. All the cards I picked up went into my bag)

2) 4oz of Merino/Silk roving from Lisa Souza in the Bird of Paradise colorway. This is the first thing I bought. I could have gone crazy in her stall because everything there was beautiful. I did not want to spend all my money in the first building though!

3) Three little felted wool sheep to add to my mini flock

4) Two bags of Cotswold curls to spin with. I’ve always wanted to try and they are very pretty. From Solitude Wool.

5)  One back of mixed rainbow fiber to card with so I can make my own batts/rolags. (I’ll be getting a blending board this week) from loop.

6) One pair of Addi knitting needles

7) The Granny Square Book by Margaret Hubert. This woman was at the table with the books signing them. She signed the copy I bought for me. She also gave me a mini lesson as I am a beginner (just talking, not showing since neither of us had the supplies for it). She is extreamly nice and pleasant. She also said that if I had questions on anything that I could email her and she’d help me out. How many people do you know would do that? So yeah, she’s a sweetheart.

8) I contacted Dave at The Merlin Tree where I got my Roadbug. I wanted to get a jumbo flyer and bobbins because the normal ones are too small (fill up too fast). He said that they were currently discontinued because he is working on a new model which will be out the end of January. He then said that he had one left of the current one and said that he would bring it to Rhinebeck for me. So I purchased that and an extra bobbin from him (because I don’t want to wait until Jan!) and he was, as always, a pleasure to deal with.  If you are looking for a great wheel that is inexpensive, then I highly recommend checking out The Merlin Tree.

I saw beautiful African baskets and the man who was making them. I really wanted to get one but I do not have the room for one at this time. Someone was kind enough to give me a link to the online shop where I could buy one later. I already have a few picked out.

The crowds were insane and some of the booths had long lines waiting to pay for their purchases, so we skipped some of the booths. We also skipped the wine and cheese tasking because the lines there were just as crazy. All in all, I had a fantastic time with my mother at Rhinebeck and I would love to go again next year.





Results of Stashbusting

I am finally getting around to posting pictures of the projects I have finished. All of the yarn in this picture:


Is now gone! This is all acrylic yarn. Actually, the only yarn I still have that is in this picture is the blue mohair on the right in the back. Here are a couple things I have made with it. I don’t have pictures of everything I did, but at least I have these:

1) Pillow


2) Doll blanket


3) Yarn doll. This is the first one I’ve ever made.


4) and the biggest, a stashgan using up all of the rest of the yarn. I did not plan it out, I just grabbed yarn as I went. I should have put the white between each color, but I thought I had more of the colors than I did. Either way, all the yarn is gone and I have a blanket.


I currently have another blanket in progress. It’s about halfway done. Pictures to come when I get around to finishing it.

Now I just need to start working on my small stash of cotton yarn. Still not quite sure what I’ll be making with that yarn yet. Next month I am going to the big Sheep and Wool festival in Rhinebeck, NY. It will be my first time going and I am super excited about it. It is also why I started working harder on trying to use up my current stash. I know I’ll be bringing home more fiber to spin and yarn!

I have also been playing with resin again. I found a couple of new molds to work with. I still need to do the finishing touches on them, so no pictures yet.

500 Hats Charity!

I just found this site thanks to Ravelry. Now I know what I’ll be making with the rest of my yarn stash. If you live in Massachusetts (or if not, still check it out), then why don’t you knit/crochet up some hats to help out?



Some more Crochet & Knit

Wow, I’ve fallen behind in updating my blog! Here is the start of many posts to catch up.

I tried making some hearts for Valentines Day. Some came out good and others a bit wonky.

Loom knit hats and an ear warmer.
Ear warmer
Blue green hat

Trying something new – Hairpin Lace

A few months ago at a fall festival I stopped by a church that was having a huge tag sale. I found a tin full of thread and some odd-looking pins and I thought it might be for tatting, since it was tatting thread with it. After doing some poking around, I found out that it was not tatting but something called Hairpin Lace which is a type of crocheting. What I had in the tin was small, black U-shaped pins and one of which had something in progress. After finding out what it was, I went to YouTube to look up videos on it. I found that in most of the videos the people were using larger looms that looked different but it was for the same purpose. This is the video I used to get myself going.

Wanting to try it out, I went to Michael’s and purchased a Hairpin Loom for around $4 or so and headed home. I had plenty of yarn to work with, all mostly worsted weight, so I tried it out. I thought it would be best to learn with bigger yarn that to try it with the thread.

Hairpin lace

hairpin lace close up

It turns out that this is something that is very easy to do because you only need to know how to single crochet! I only know two stitches in crochet and even I had no trouble with this at all. I should have taken a picture of the work on the loom but did not think of it then. I’ll be sure to do so tonight if I remember.

With this, I am making a bunch of strips which I will then join together to make a shawl. This is part of my project to get rid of more of my stash, or ‘destashing’ as those of us in the crafty world call it. It also goes towards my 50 Projects for 2012. One down, 49 to go!

New experiment

Since I have a ton of soda tabs to play around with, I decided to try out something. Right now I am crocheting around tabs and will probably put them all together and make them into a bag. I’m hoping the tabs will had a bit of firmness to the bag to keep it from being floppy, but I’ll see what happens when I get to that point.
Here is what I have so far:
crochet with soda tabs
I want to try something like this next.

I also washed the yarn I spun up and had it hanging to dry in the shower this weekend though it still feels damp to me! I’ll take a better picture when I get it wrapped up. I also have more waiting to be wash on my spindle.
setting the twist

A little of this and that

First up is this amigurumi I started last week. He is huge and I ran out of yarn to give him arms. I was just playing around and trying to figure things out so he is a bit wonky.
Mr. Experiment

I made this little guy with what was left of the yarn.
Lil Dude

I went to Webs today for the first time and got some pretty yarn along with this super soft and pretty roving. I have only spun up a little of it so far and I’m loving how it looks. I have also managed to mostly keep the yarn the same thickness so I’m super happy about that.
Handspun yarn - Amathyst

I have also started playing around with all of the soda tabs that I have been collecting. At first I started weaving ribbon through them until I ran out, then I made a 6×6 square with jump rings. Not sure what I’m doing with anything just yet but here’s what I’ve got so far.
Soda tab fun

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