Shrinky charms

I made a few charms out of Shrinky Dinks again. Over on Craftster, I saw this thread where someone tried decoupage with them and I liked how it looked. I used origami paper on these ones.

I have an idea of how I’m going to use the heart charm, but not sure about the other ones just yet.


My first chainmail jewelry

I did this before going to the picnic at my grandmothers house. It is my first attempt at chainmail jewelry. It’s not bad but may be slightly off so doesn’t look quite right. Either way, I’m happy. I’m going to do something else today but not sure what.

This was done in 20gage wire, 7mm jump rings (made them myself!), and is using the European 4-1. The wire I bought at Jo-anns.

Chainmaille, wire jewelry and beads oh my!

I’ve started dabbling in other craft fields, or will when the supplies arrive. I’m hoping to make some nice jewelry and accessories from all of the above and if they are good enough, I’ll sell them on Etsy.

Last night I started going through my craft bins and organizing them more so I know what I had and what I needed. And so I will have room for what I will be buying since I don’t have too much room for stuff.

I’m going to also try to make some steam punk inspired items too, which should be fun. Now only to find some watches and clocks to take apart for it. XD

I’ll post pictures of whatever I make so keep checking in once in awhile.