Made a little pumpkin yesterday. I’m going to make more, but I wanted to share this one now. I’m going to try different ways to do them. I like how this looks, but the next will be different.


Silly little cat – needle felting

I recently started needle felting again after being inspired by some friends. I was sorting through my craft stuff and found my needles, then some Styrofoam balls. I decided I wanted to play around and this is what I made.

The fiber is 100% alpaca that was given to me by a friend. It is super soft. Lots of flyaways as I’m still figuring things out and don’t want to over felt. I can’t do anything realistic right now, but I was playing around anyway.

The cat stands 6 inches hit to the tip of the ears. It took me six hours to make!


New Crafts: a Lucet and needle felting

When I went to the New England Fiber Fest a couple weekends ago, I finally bought myself a Lucet. It is made of Purple Heart wood. I’ve been wanting something in this wood for awhile and I found it in something I wanted, so it was a double win. This one was made by Stephen Willette. I also bought yarn bowl and naalbinding needle from him.


If you don’t know what they are, a Lucet is used to make braided cords which can be used for anything. I have various things I can use cord for so it was a good purchase for me. So far I have made a thick cord using some of my handspun yarn. I have not finished with it yet. I will be sewing it into either a large potholder or a small basket. Here is what I have so far.


I also have more cord that I am still working on for another project, but I have quiet a ways to go with that. No pictures of that yet.

I am really enjoying finding new crafts that I can do that incorporate crafts that I already do. Speaking of which, I have also tried needle felting again. Unlike my first attempt which didn’t go too well (I tried making a 3d object) this time I tried making a picture. I bought a kit the same day I got the Lucet, also at NEFF.  I had to go for the dragon when I saw it.


I had a lot of fun doing this. It is something easy to do and does not require too much focus, other than making sure you don’t stab yourself with the very sharp needles. Since I spin yarn, I already have plenty of wool floating around and I had needles already from when I tried felting before. So this is a craft I can do and it won’t really cost me anything extra. I did buy some regular felt to use as bases, but that stuff is super cheap so still a great additional craft to do.

I think I have a crafting problem, but I don’t want to stop!

Crafty update

I am finally posting some things I’ve been working on. I will post swap stuff later but I need to wait for my partners to receive for so they don’t get spoiled!

First up is a little felt man; the first item I have needle felted! I do not have any white, so for now he has no eyes, but I still think he is cute.

Next is a bracelet I made on my bead loom that I’ve had for years. These are even some beads that originally came with it.  I have some new things in mind, but for now I have been sorting the beads since they are all mixed together. I’m not even halfway done yet D:

And lastly, not counting swap stuff, is my very first bag! I did not use a pattern but made my own, another first, and I did my first fabric covered button too! I’m really happy with how this bag turned out. It’s simple but it’s just the right size. I even upcycled the strap from my old bag. The fabric I got from the July B-Day card swap over on Swap-Bot. Cute huh?

It has two pockets.

My mom wants me to make her a bag now too, hehehe. Next time I’ll finish the insides better so you don’t see the seams so much. I was just in a hurry to get this done before I lost my motivation since I get distracted so easily. It took me around four hours just to do this! My machine kept eating thread on me so I had to keep rethreading and ripping out a few times. But it was worth it.

Also, if you like swapping stuff, do check out It is super fun and there are swaps for everything, especially for crafty people.