Here are two recent ATCs I have made and they were for a swap. They have gone out already but I have not heard from the receiver yet if she has them. I wanted to post them here anyway because I like how they came out.

I will have more of these to post eventually since I am in another ATC swap.

I am also in a Dotee swap and I’m very excited because I’ve never made one before. I already have a few ideas but I’ll see what happens after partners are assigned.


Paper Beads-Done

Here are the paper beads that I have made so far. I’m thinking of using up the rest of my paper and make more of them since they are so easy.

Paper Beads

I joined a paper bead swap the other day so last night I started making them. They are really easy to make so I think my partners will get more than the minimum.  I am using origami paper and they pages are a perfect size. I get a dozen beads for just one piece of paper!

I will post pictures when I have more done.