Miniature Books – Mini tutorial

After seeing lots of cute books made by people on a few of the forums I belong to, I decided that I would try and make some for myself. I took pictures along the way to show how I did it for anyone that is curious and wants to try and make some as well.

What I used:
Index cards
Fancy papers, origami paper and scrapbook paper for covers
Cardboard for covers
Watercolor and acrylic paint
Modge Podge
Elmers Glue

1) The first thing I did was to fold all of the index cards in half, then put them into groups of ten. You can use more if you want thicker books.

2) Using some scrap cardboard, I cut out pieces that were a tad bigger than the folded pages to use as covers. I also did thin strips for the spines, though not all of them had hard spines.

3)Putting the groups of pages at the edge of my desk, I then used a heavy book to weigh them down. I used many coats of Elmers Glue along the folded edge to hold the pages together. You want this to be thick, so you have to wait for the glue to dry in between coats or the pages will come apart.
NOTE: If you don’t want blank pages, decorate them how you would like and make sure they are dry before you put them together. If you wait until the book is all bound up, some pages may stick together if you use glue on them.

4) I did not want all of my books to be blank, so I painted some of the pages with watercolor and acrylic paint to make them interesting. You can also use pictures or text; really whatever you want to be in the books.

5) Using a bit heavier paper (old report covers in this case) I made inside covers. You want these to be slightly wider than your pages, but the same height. This way, when you fold the paper around the glued pages, the extra length will reach all the way around to the edges. To attach this to the pages, put more glue on the already glued part of pages (the spine) and stick it to the cover. Do not put glue on other parts of the page! Spine only!

Looks like I forgot to take a picture of the next two parts. I’ll try and do that later and update this post. There are two ways to do this:

6a)Soft spine – Using the paper of your choice, glue the paper to the cardboard cover pieces using Modge Podge and let dry. Once done, you are going to attach the cover to the inside cover pages (the black paper in my pictures). Put glue on the front page and back page of the inside over only, not the spine, then wrap the hard outside cover around that. Put it under some weights to keep it all held together while it dries. Then you are finished.

6b) Hard spine – This is done mostly the same as above. First lay out your cover paper, right side down. Put the cardboard cover and back pieces on the paper, then you want to add the small strip of cardboard between them for the spine. Do not have the cardboard pieces touching. There needs to be a small gap between the spine and front and back parts so the cover can close. The rest of the steps are the same as above.

7) Admire work! Once everything is dry, you should have some nice little books. Here are the ones that I made. A combination of soft and hard spines.

I also made a mini bookshelf for them to go on. It is not finished yet, though.


This is my first time doing a tutorial so I apologize if some things were hard to understand. I will get the pictures up for the cover steps as soon as I can!  Please let me know if you have questions, and if you make any, show me! :D


Two more projects down from my list. The first is a bag for plastic bags and the other are two binders to hold my patters and other crafty notes in.

Bag for plastic bags

Toy project patterns/ideas

Crafty projects, patterns, ideas


I finished scarf number three on Sunday but am just now posting. This one came out really really long because I went until I finished the skein. Since I know there are people who like long scarves, I’m not worried about someone not liking it.
Scarf #3

Also, this is another ATC I did for the 7 Deadly Sins swap over at Swap-Bot. I honestly had a hard time doing this one as I just could not think of anything. After reading and re-reading the description of the sin (Sloth), it says that the goat and the color light blue are associated with it. This is what I came up with. It is also my first hand drawn ATC. I hope my partner likes it.
Sloth ATC

ATC, bead WIP, and….a bunny!

Here is another ATC for the 7 Deadly Sins Swap, this one is for Wrath/Anger. A bit simple but I like it. You can’t read the words in the pic, but they are from the description/definition of the sin.

And this is a beaded bookmark in progress on my bead loom. After this I’m thinking I’ll try a more complex pattern. This one I’m just doing as I go and it will be wavy.

And for something not crafty; Last monday this cute little bunny showed up in our yard. We’ve seen it every  night since and it was out hopping around this morning too. We think it might be living under our shed. The dog keeps going nuts because she wants to go out and catch it XD

Making little matchboxes

Over at Swap-Bot I am in the Hooked on Dotees group and a new group swap will be starting called Matchbox Dotee swap. I’ve never made a matchbox before, or done anything with one, so using the tutorial that is linked in the swap description, I made two matchboxes just to see their size. Looks like I’ll be making itty bitty dotees to go in them! The boxes are 1.5″ wide by 2″ long (I think that’s what it was, they are really small).

I have not done the inside of one box yet. I just thought up an idea for these but I won’t say yet in case I do it for the swap. I’m going to try making bigger ones later I think.

ATCs again and….

Here are a couple more!

I am also going to be starting on making my first Dotees! It is for a swap over at Craftster and I’m really excited about it. I have lots of fun fabric and I have four partners so I can try a little of everything :D  I am also doing a private swap there as well for some Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away, Totoro etc.) stuff that is coming along well so far. I won’t be posting pics of that swap stuff until they’ve been recived though just incase someone actually comes and reads this, lol.


Here are two recent ATCs I have made and they were for a swap. They have gone out already but I have not heard from the receiver yet if she has them. I wanted to post them here anyway because I like how they came out.

I will have more of these to post eventually since I am in another ATC swap.

I am also in a Dotee swap and I’m very excited because I’ve never made one before. I already have a few ideas but I’ll see what happens after partners are assigned.

Paper Beads-Done

Here are the paper beads that I have made so far. I’m thinking of using up the rest of my paper and make more of them since they are so easy.

Paper Beads

I joined a paper bead swap the other day so last night I started making them. They are really easy to make so I think my partners will get more than the minimum.  I am using origami paper and they pages are a perfect size. I get a dozen beads for just one piece of paper!

I will post pictures when I have more done.

ATCs and Inchies

I’ve started trying something new and here is what I have so far. ATCs-Artist Trading Cards- are done in a 2.5in by 3in space (paper usually, but can be fabric too as long as it is no bigger than that size). Inchies are 1in by 1in, very small.
My first ATCs and Inchies