Shrinky charms

I made a few charms out of Shrinky Dinks again. Over on Craftster, I saw this thread where someone tried decoupage with them and I liked how it looked. I used origami paper on these ones.

I have an idea of how I’m going to use the heart charm, but not sure about the other ones just yet.

Next up, clay!

I have a bunch of Sculpey to experiment with this weekend and if anything turns out good, I’ll be posting. I just need to pick up a few tools at the store tomorrow and then I’ll be making stuff for a Halloween swap I’m in.

I also have an idea for my shrinky dinks that I haven’t tried since that first time. Too many distractions! XD

Shrinky Dinks test

I drew up some more things and threw them in the oven last night. It was fun watching them curl up and then get flat again, but I didn’t keep them in long enough. They stuck to the cardboard so I had to peel them off. At least now I know to keep them in for longer before trying to take them out.