Tapestry One Finished! Plus beading!

I finished this awhile ago and apparently forgot to post the end results here.



I had a lot of fun learning the techniques, and I know that there are many more still to learn. I am especially happy with how the circle came out! I am planning my next one and it’s going to be an actual picture. I just have to make up my mind on which one I want to do first. It would really be helpful if I knew how to make clones of myself, then I could do everything at once!

The other week I ordered myself another Mirrix loom because I couldn’t pass up the birthday coupon. I got myself the little Lani loom to play around with beading or smaller tapestries if my Big Sister is in use. While I don’t wear jewelry, I want to try doing bead tapestries.

My first time playing with beads I did make a simple cuff. I messed up in a few places and I need to get better at dealing with the ends, but I’m mostly happy with how it turned out. I wore it out the other day and got a compliment on it.


First attempt

I am also planning what I’m going to weave next. I picked up a mixed kit of beads to play with since I only have a small amount and not enough to make anything with. Now I do!

Tapestry – More Progress

Today I tried out some loops, did some more plain weave, then started trying out more rounded shapes. Just one so far but I’ll be doing more. Slowly working up to doing a full circle.


I finally had to advance the warp! Yay progress!

Tour de Fleece – Finished!

At the beginning of the month, July 6th to be exact, part of my spinning wheel broke. I contacted MerlinTree for a replacement part and he said he’d send it right away…except I was having issues with my email which caused a delay. I did not get the part until this past Saturday, late afternoon. I immediately changed out the broken part and then spun like a crazy lady for the rest of Saturday all day yesterday. I lost two weeks of spinning but I wasn’t going down without a fight!

Here are the yarns I managed to spin up Saturday and yesterday. I finished the last one at 11:45pm!


Monster Mash


Monster’s Inc.


Rubies and Amathyst


Sapphire Skies


Smoke and Mirrors


Witches Brew


Black Opal



While I was spinning, I was putting finished skeins into a bin I had picked up for my craft area. When I took all the skeins out to take a group shot, my cat immediately jumped into it.


This is Black Jack

Here is the group shot of all the yarn I spun up in a little over a week. I spun up a total of 3.69 lbs (pounds!) of fiber. I won’t know yardage until I wash all the skeins. I don’t know when I’ll do that.


16 Skeins of yarn, 3.69lbs of fiber spun.

I am already looking forward to Spinzilla in October. Then the weekend after that is NY Sheep and Wool, a.k.a Rhinebeck. So I’ll get to restock up on fiber. Yay!

Spin on!

Tapestry Progress Update

I just added a more to my tapestry I have on my Big Sister. Trying some more new things. I still need a lot of practice, but this is why I’m using what little bit of acrylic I have in my stash to practice with before I move onto my handspun and more expensive yarns. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Subtle blue and purple tiger/vertical stripes, then a staggered shape with a triangle on the left. One partial row of rya, and then basic fill.


You can see the blue and purple stripes better here. Next ones will contrast more!

I’m still having lots of fun doing this. I think I’ll try and tackle a bigger triangle next. or maybe a circle. Too many shapes!

Adventures in Tapestry

I am finally going to give tapestry a real try. I think I mentioned in my last post that I tried it before on my rigid heddle loom (a Schacht Cricket) that it just didn’t work on that loom. Last week I picked up a little Hokett loom from Webs. I did up a simple striped tapestry to try it out. I used my handspun yarn, so it’s thick and thin, so the warp shows through in places. I really don’t mind with this one though as it was mostly for experiment purposes.


I have not decided on how I’m going to hang it, so I tucked the top loops behind the weaving for this picture. I wanted to add something interesting and that is what the tails are at the top. I may try this again with a better weaving and add beads. We’ll see.

On Friday my Mirrix Big Sister arrived. I got it warped up Saturday morning but I did not start weaving until last night as I wanted to finish the little one above first.


This is the progress I made last night. Using some videos on youtube, I am slowly getting the hang of it. Bubbling is new to me so the selvedges are a bit off, but I’ll get better as I go. Starting off with simple stripes and did some blocks.


The hardest part for me so far is deciding which technique I’m going to try next!

Let’s play with Tapestry

While I am still waiting on the part for my wheel (apparently there was a mishap with the email so he never got my address), I picked up this pretty Hokett tapestry loom when I went to Webs the other day. I’ve tried to do tapestry before on my Cricket, but a rigid heddle is just not meant to hold high enough tension, and the angle is wrong. I got this little loom to play around with. I also  have a Mirrix Big Sister (16″) on order that should be here tomorrow.


Hokett Tapestry kit in exotic wood

I started weaving with scraps of acrylic and my handspun. I really did not like the look of the acrylic so I unwove it. I decided to just use my handspun. I’m not too far yet, but here’s what I got so far.


My simple tapestry so far.

I can’t wait until my Mirrix arrives. I’ve wanted one for awhile now and ordered it for myself for my birthday present. I also ordered a tapestry kit and bought the class that goes with it, so I’ll be doing that.

Hopefully the part to my wheel will be in early next week (maybe Saturday if it gets shipped out today). I really am sad at missing so many days of spinning, but my spindles are just killing my shoulder so I can’t spin at all. At least I got some things done up, so I’m happy with that.

Tour de Fleece – Day Eight

I am still waiting for the replacement part for my wheel. Hopefully it has been shipped out and will arrive any day now. I had not spun for the past couple of days and I was already missing it.

I do have spindles, two Turkish spindles and two drop, so I decided to use one of them. I went with on of my Snyder Turkish spindles, the one I actually had not used yet. The reason I had not started spindling when my wheel broke is because I have a bad right shoulder do to a sports injury. I am right handed.

I started spinning anyway and ignored the pain in my shoulder. I probably should not have spun for so many hours straight (seven!) but when I spin, I hate stopping until I finish what I’m spinning. Spindling is so much slower than a wheel. It took me about seven hours to spin up 1.75 oz of fiber. I can normally do a whole Loop bump (avg between 5-6 oz) in an hour and a half.

Anyway, it is now done except for plying. I will not be plying on a spindle and may leave this as singles. It is still on the spindle but I want to show it off anyway to show that I’ve spun something!

This is my first time spinning one of these. I think it counts as pencil roving. Very easy and nice to spin. I’ll definitely pick up some more when I see them. The colors are great too. The colorway for this one is “Royal”.


Shoppel “Royal”

And on the Turkish spindle.




Multiple colors!

I will probably spin some more on my Turk but I’ll try and be better about taking breaks. I’ll be going out at some point today to buy some veggies so that will be at least an hour break.

Spin on!

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