A Chance of Rain & Fish

A Chance of Rain is done in Reeve watercolor paints, which I’m really enjoying. Added some sheep in for fun.


I also tried out the new paints I got. They are Mozart brand and I was not very impressed with them. They don’t like being used on dry paper, and even after water after, they took work to get to blend. I will be trying again with them. Right now I’m just glad they were on sale for less than $10.



Two new paintings

This first painting is another where I was trying out a new brand. I used a reference of a picture I took I think last year. There is a park not far from my house that has some nice places. There is usually never water in this spot, but I didn’t want it all brown.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe other day I took a paint class at a Michaels for the first time. The instructor was nice, but it was not the class that was advertised. I decided to take it anyway since I’m learning. I was the only one there so it was one on one.

The canvas did not have time to dry between things so my colors messed up. I kept trying to layer them, but they were still wrong. So today I went over them again and had some fun with them. They don’t look anything like the flowers we were painting, but I still like it.


Trying a new technique

Today I wanted to try using watercolor on canvas. I have some little 4×4 ones I picked up awhile ago, so grabbed one of those to play with.

The first thing I did was to paint some colorful stripes. I was going to go back across with the the other way but did not like how it looked. So I decided to play around. I went over the canvas with more water and then blotted it off with a tissue. It gave the painting a distressed looked, which I rather like.

After that, I wanted to add some hearts for fun, so did that with my Posca paint markers. It was missing something, so the I added a few white swirls and then added the poka dots. I really like how it came out!


Forest at Dusk

I wanted to work on trees today.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Todays Paintings

For the first one, I used a reference picture I took last year in the fall. I then added to it to get what you see below. I used a bit too much water in places, so it’s on the messy side, but I wanted to share anyone so I can show progress as I go.


For this one, I took a couple pictures of my day lilies. They are not perfect, but I have to start somewhere. I actually signed up for a class for painting flowers, so I’ll be posting lots of flowers in the near future.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I think next I will be trying my watercolor pencils that I have. It’s nice to have so many options available!

So, I’ve been painting!

That’s right, I’m starting with another new craft. I already had paints from before, but I decided that I wanted to try watercolor. I played with what I had, then got some more. Here are the three small paintings that I’ve done so far. The bottom one I just finished and is still drying, but I took a pic to share anyway. Too excited with how it came out!


Saturday’s projects

I didn’t get too much done this weekend. Yesterday it rained all day (like it’s been doing today) and I lost any motivation I had.
This is my first painting. It’s really simple but I wanted something for my walls. The sun and stars are rub-ons that I’ve had for ages and there are some blue stick-on crystals as well as two little curled up pieces of wool.
My first painting

I have been wanting to try making things out of resin for a really long time now. This weekend I finally bought the stuff for it (Easy Cast I think it’s called). I also picked up a silicone mini brownie pan to use for molds. I’ll also be on the lookout for random and fun things to cast in resin.
First time with resin
First resin!

I do not know what I’m going to do with these yet, but I already have plans for a few other projects using the resin. Looking forwards to another nice day to get my crafting mojo back. Rainy days like today and yesterday just make me want to be lazy and sleep.