This year I participated in the Ravellenics over on Ravelry for the first time. My goal was to only use my handspun yarn.  Most are just small bags since I was using small skeins made from the samples from SpinningBox’s. I also tried a bit of felting, but I did it by hand so it’s not too much. I may throw those items in the wash at some point to felt them up more.

Here are all the items I made!


Having fun with Oxford Punch

I have been having fun doing punch needle and rug hooking. I found someone selling some Oxford punch needles for a really good deal, so bought them. They arrived awhile ago and I quickly did a project with them.

I made a simple design using some cookie cutters I got for needle felting. I am still using acrylic yarn in my stash while I get the hang of things. It was hard to punch at first, but soon I was whizzing along. I really like this needles!

This is what the project looks right now. I will be making it into a pillow as soon as I decide on how I want to do the back.


This hoop was not the best for this as I had to keep pulling it tight, but it was the biggest I have. My gripper frame is small and I was worried about the teeth ruining the already punched parts. I do have a bigger one on my wishlist that I hope to get soonish.

Christmas Gifts

I only made a few gifts this years since we now do a Yankee swap with one half of my family.  So it is just getting gifts for kids but I’m not making kids anything because they are too picky. The exception is for my two youngest nieces (2 and 4) I made them each a little bear with my Zoom Loom.

2017-12-14 23.17.57.jpg

2017-12-16 16.54.09.jpg

For my mother, I made her something that can be used as a trivet or a wall hanging. I still need to put the wool felt backing on, but otherwise it is done. It is rug hooked and the first one I’ve done binding on. It needs work but I don’t think it looks bad. I know my mom will love it anyway. Monogrammed with her initial.

2017-12-17 22.12.09.jpg

I bought two Oxford needles off of someone on Ravelry so I am looking forward to playing with those when they show up. I am still having lots of fun doing rug hooking as well as more punch needle. More projects for those to come after Christmas.

2017 so far

I fell behind in posting my projects (as usual) so figured I’d post what I’ve done so far at the end of June. I’m a bit late, but here we go!


Back scrubber




More wash cloths


Hot pads


Alpaca blanket


Added some decoration to my shelf, mostly to keep things from falling of the back.


Pin loom woven teddy bear


Back of bear


Knit shawl of my own design

I have some other things to post, but will put them in their own postings later. I’ve not done too much as I have many hobbies and jump around, but I’m back into a crafting craze, so many more to come!

Spinning and playing away

Over the holiday I have been working on my fiber related projects. I took stock of all of my fiber and uploaded them in to my stash on Ravelry so I can keep track of what I have. It also makes it easier to add to my projects when I list them. I got a gift card to Webs from my coworker for Christmas as well as a gift card from my parents and grandparents. I will be going down soon to stalk up on more fiber and to hopefully get some weaving yarn.
Here are some things I’ve done since this past Thursday:

Rolags from mystery fiber. Hard to tell in the picture, but they are black and purple.

I spun this up and plied it with silver metallic thread. It is Loops December Bullseye of the Month Club “River Safari”. This is my first time spinning one of her bullseye bumps. I really enjoy watching the colors spin up as I get to them. I am looking forward to the next mystery bump!

This one was a double experiment. I have never spun Polworth before or tried corespinning. I really dislike the Polworth. It is very “sticky” and hard to draft. I had to stop constantly and pre-draft. This was intentionally spun thick for weaving with.

And a few projects I made earlier in the year but I don’t think I ever posted about. Nothing interesting really, just some basic scarves and ear warmers. The two black and white houndstooth scarves are woven. The others are knit.

And aside from those, I have been making cotton wash cloths. No pictures of them yet, but I have a mountain of them. I’m trying to use up the small balls of Peaches n’ Cream I’ve had for a few years before buying new yarn.

So that’s what I’ve been doing! I hope everyone else had a nice Christmas and holiday.

Working on stash busting

I have a lot of acrylic and cotton yarn to use up so that I have room for my own handspun. This is what my stash looks like right now (minus two or three more skeins that I have some place else).


I have used up some purple yarn (wan’t pictured) to make my mother a shawl for her birthday.

I also made a short infinity scarf with yarn that has been in my stash for probably five years. I could never decide what to do with it!

I have a lot of yarn crafts bookmarked on Ravelry that I hope will help me bust through the rest of my stash.

Miniature Books – Mini tutorial

After seeing lots of cute books made by people on a few of the forums I belong to, I decided that I would try and make some for myself. I took pictures along the way to show how I did it for anyone that is curious and wants to try and make some as well.

What I used:
Index cards
Fancy papers, origami paper and scrapbook paper for covers
Cardboard for covers
Watercolor and acrylic paint
Modge Podge
Elmers Glue

1) The first thing I did was to fold all of the index cards in half, then put them into groups of ten. You can use more if you want thicker books.

2) Using some scrap cardboard, I cut out pieces that were a tad bigger than the folded pages to use as covers. I also did thin strips for the spines, though not all of them had hard spines.

3)Putting the groups of pages at the edge of my desk, I then used a heavy book to weigh them down. I used many coats of Elmers Glue along the folded edge to hold the pages together. You want this to be thick, so you have to wait for the glue to dry in between coats or the pages will come apart.
NOTE: If you don’t want blank pages, decorate them how you would like and make sure they are dry before you put them together. If you wait until the book is all bound up, some pages may stick together if you use glue on them.

4) I did not want all of my books to be blank, so I painted some of the pages with watercolor and acrylic paint to make them interesting. You can also use pictures or text; really whatever you want to be in the books.

5) Using a bit heavier paper (old report covers in this case) I made inside covers. You want these to be slightly wider than your pages, but the same height. This way, when you fold the paper around the glued pages, the extra length will reach all the way around to the edges. To attach this to the pages, put more glue on the already glued part of pages (the spine) and stick it to the cover. Do not put glue on other parts of the page! Spine only!

Looks like I forgot to take a picture of the next two parts. I’ll try and do that later and update this post. There are two ways to do this:

6a)Soft spine – Using the paper of your choice, glue the paper to the cardboard cover pieces using Modge Podge and let dry. Once done, you are going to attach the cover to the inside cover pages (the black paper in my pictures). Put glue on the front page and back page of the inside over only, not the spine, then wrap the hard outside cover around that. Put it under some weights to keep it all held together while it dries. Then you are finished.

6b) Hard spine – This is done mostly the same as above. First lay out your cover paper, right side down. Put the cardboard cover and back pieces on the paper, then you want to add the small strip of cardboard between them for the spine. Do not have the cardboard pieces touching. There needs to be a small gap between the spine and front and back parts so the cover can close. The rest of the steps are the same as above.

7) Admire work! Once everything is dry, you should have some nice little books. Here are the ones that I made. A combination of soft and hard spines.

I also made a mini bookshelf for them to go on. It is not finished yet, though.


This is my first time doing a tutorial so I apologize if some things were hard to understand. I will get the pictures up for the cover steps as soon as I can!  Please let me know if you have questions, and if you make any, show me! :D

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