Tapestry One Finished! Plus beading!

I finished this awhile ago and apparently forgot to post the end results here.



I had a lot of fun learning the techniques, and I know that there are many more still to learn. I am especially happy with how the circle came out! I am planning my next one and it’s going to be an actual picture. I just have to make up my mind on which one I want to do first. It would really be helpful if I knew how to make clones of myself, then I could do everything at once!

The other week I ordered myself another Mirrix loom because I couldn’t pass up the birthday coupon. I got myself the little Lani loom to play around with beading or smaller tapestries if my Big Sister is in use. While I don’t wear jewelry, I want to try doing bead tapestries.

My first time playing with beads I did make a simple cuff. I messed up in a few places and I need to get better at dealing with the ends, but I’m mostly happy with how it turned out. I wore it out the other day and got a compliment on it.


First attempt

I am also planning what I’m going to weave next. I picked up a mixed kit of beads to play with since I only have a small amount and not enough to make anything with. Now I do!

What I’ve been doing

Bad me, I’ve fallen a little behind in updating my blog. I have been doing more crafty things lately so have quite a few pics to share.
I made a dragon egg to use as a prop with my dolls, and maybe something else…
dragon egg2

I have been making icord with threads that are too fuzzy to do much else with. Right now I have started to make something with them, probably a rug, but we’ll see. I’m using the Embelish Knit tool I got at Joanns for $5 on clearance. It makes them very fast!
pink icord
icord in progress
I hand sew this one. Deciding on which color to attach next.

A bracelet.
Blue bracelet

My first pair of earrings.
First earrings

And I finally go around to trying to make an amigurumi! I am very happy with how this little birdie turned out. I did not use any pattern for this but watched a video on Youtube on how to work in the round and do inc/decs. I am a new crocheter so this took a few times before I finally got it.
first ami

And more stashbusting

Here are some more things that I have done recently.

Organ Pipes
Organ pipes stitch

Present for mom (still needs a frame)
Embroidery for mom

Beaded accessory for doll.
Beaded doll belts

Doll dress.
Clover gets a dress

And last a doll sweater.
Aria's New Sweater

Fishy Fishy

I’m going on a cruise in two weeks and thought I should make some summery jewlery to wear on it. I don’t wear jewlery often but I’ve had these cute fishy charms and beads for awhile and they needed to be made into something. I’ve only made one or two things before and I probably did them wrong, but they work. The bracelet I made using Fun Wire so it’s a bit stiff but should not fall apart.

Fishy Fishy

Fishy charm close up

Fishy bracelet close up

I did not have quite enough fish to do the whole necklace but the empty part will be behind my head so shouldn’t be too noticable. What do you all think?

ATC, bead WIP, and….a bunny!

Here is another ATC for the 7 Deadly Sins Swap, this one is for Wrath/Anger. A bit simple but I like it. You can’t read the words in the pic, but they are from the description/definition of the sin.

And this is a beaded bookmark in progress on my bead loom. After this I’m thinking I’ll try a more complex pattern. This one I’m just doing as I go and it will be wavy.

And for something not crafty; Last monday this cute little bunny showed up in our yard. We’ve seen it every  night since and it was out hopping around this morning too. We think it might be living under our shed. The dog keeps going nuts because she wants to go out and catch it XD

Dotees #2 & 3

I don’t think one of my partners has received her dotee yet, but I wanted to post anyway. Hopfully if she happens to look here, she won’t mind a sneak peak!

This one I cut from a bandana meant for a dog. I liked the fabric which is why I bought it. the charm is turned around but it is a blue and pink dragonfly, really pretty.

Forgot to take a picture of the back, but there is a different fabric that has a unicorn on it. I could not figure out how to use that for the main part so it was made as the back. For the tail, I strung beads on craft wire and swirled it to make it look spiffy. The orange stands out but it was listed as my partners favorite color so i wanted to add it. The wire I used is purple.

Crafty update

I am finally posting some things I’ve been working on. I will post swap stuff later but I need to wait for my partners to receive for so they don’t get spoiled!

First up is a little felt man; the first item I have needle felted! I do not have any white, so for now he has no eyes, but I still think he is cute.

Next is a bracelet I made on my bead loom that I’ve had for years. These are even some beads that originally came with it.  I have some new things in mind, but for now I have been sorting the beads since they are all mixed together. I’m not even halfway done yet D:

And lastly, not counting swap stuff, is my very first bag! I did not use a pattern but made my own, another first, and I did my first fabric covered button too! I’m really happy with how this bag turned out. It’s simple but it’s just the right size. I even upcycled the strap from my old bag. The fabric I got from the July B-Day card swap over on Swap-Bot. Cute huh?

It has two pockets.

My mom wants me to make her a bag now too, hehehe. Next time I’ll finish the insides better so you don’t see the seams so much. I was just in a hurry to get this done before I lost my motivation since I get distracted so easily. It took me around four hours just to do this! My machine kept eating thread on me so I had to keep rethreading and ripping out a few times. But it was worth it.

Also, if you like swapping stuff, do check out It is super fun and there are swaps for everything, especially for crafty people.

Paper Beads-Done

Here are the paper beads that I have made so far. I’m thinking of using up the rest of my paper and make more of them since they are so easy.

Paper Beads

I joined a paper bead swap the other day so last night I started making them. They are really easy to make so I think my partners will get more than the minimum.  I am using origami paper and they pages are a perfect size. I get a dozen beads for just one piece of paper!

I will post pictures when I have more done.

New crafts

I have not posted in awhile, but it works out since I had not done anything in awhile. I got quite a few things done this weekend in my effort of cleaning out some of my craft stash. It’s going a bit slow, but it’s getting done.
These I don’t know what they are, but call them bear mice. Made from Sculpey.
Bear-mice front and back

This is my first time trying decoupage. I love how it came out, but it’s not 100% done yet. The picture was the cover of a magazine.
I made the beads for this necklace. I’ve had the turtle for awhile.
An outfit for Pandorah, one of my bjd. The shirt was made from one of my old shirts and the skirt is a bandanna.

I am also finishing up two knitting projects. One is the bag I started in the winter, and another is a test washcloth. I’m hoping to have my bag done tonight and I should get the other finished up as well.

Taste the Rainbow

I made Raelyn a whole outfit yesterday in a rainbow of colors. I used the blue wig I bought when I first got her and it all looks really good together. I think I’ll keep her like that for awhile.

I made her dress out of a pair of toe socks (used one), then made her bracelets, necklace, and belt with some kids beads I was given. I had some tiny hair clips in lots of colors but used the orange to match the orange bracelets.

Rainbow outfit 3

Chainmaille, wire jewelry and beads oh my!

I’ve started dabbling in other craft fields, or will when the supplies arrive. I’m hoping to make some nice jewelry and accessories from all of the above and if they are good enough, I’ll sell them on Etsy.

Last night I started going through my craft bins and organizing them more so I know what I had and what I needed. And so I will have room for what I will be buying since I don’t have too much room for stuff.

I’m going to also try to make some steam punk inspired items too, which should be fun. Now only to find some watches and clocks to take apart for it. XD

I’ll post pictures of whatever I make so keep checking in once in awhile.