And another

This one is smaller than the one I previously posted. More like a shawlette; just enough to keep your neck warm. This one is going to my mother since her favorite color is purple. Again, made with handspun yarn by me.

100_2706This time I took a picture of my loom. This is a few sizes down from the biggest.


Time to do another one! This time I’ll be using brighter colors. I’m so sick of all this snow we’ve been getting. I need more colors around here!


First shawl off Triloom!

Back on Christmas I ordered myself a seven foot adjustable triloom. It finally came in the mail on Friday and I put it together first thing Saturday morning. I then picked out which of my handspun yarns I wanted to use, and the set to work weaving. The yarn I used was about sport weight so it made a very light and open shawl. This shawl was done on the next pegs down from the full size, so it’s not the biggest it can be.

No photos of it being worn yet as I just finished it at 11:30pm last night. Here are a couple pictures; the first showing full view and the other a close up.



I am already planning out my next one and I can’t wait to get started on it. Since it is now the work week, I won’t be able to finish it as quickly. I am very happy I bought this loom! :D

New toy: Tri-loom!

I have been wanting a triloom for awhile now to make fast shawls out of my handspun yarn. I finally broke down and bought one (thanks to a bonus at work) and it arrived yesterday. I ordered it from The Woolery and it is made by Stone Mountain Alpacas.  It has a nice and smooth finish and the stand was also easy to put together (once I realized I had two of the pieces backwards, lol).


I found a chart online that gives estimates on the amount of yardage needed for each size triloom. For this size (2ft) it is 50 yards. I had some handspun Cormo wool that came out to be around 80 yards so I thought it would be perfect for this project. It is super soft and squishy and a yarn that feels good against more sensitive skin (like your neck and face).


I wish I thought to take a progress picture to show how it is woven, but I didn’t. I’ll try to do it next time.  Anyway, this is what the piece looks like off of the loom. I made a mistake somewhere in weaving that had me end on the wrong nail, so I had to bring the yarn back down through to fill the gap and to get the empty nail at the bottom. That is why there is a thicker section in the middle.  I still need to finish it off (wash and block) and I haven’t decided if I’m going to add fringe yet or not. I do still have some of this yarn left.


Even though it is not perfect, I think I now have the hang of how to weave on this loom. I just need to be more careful as I go so I don’t make the same mistake. I did looking over it multiple times but I never found where the mistake was. Oh well. I still ended up with something soft and squishy.  By itself, this piece is not big enough for a shawl or shawlette. It is the size of a bandanna/handkerchief.  If I had more of this yarn, I would weave up more triangles and stitch them together, and that is the plan for my other yarns.

I will be doing another one later today when I get home from work, so I’ll be sure to post that one when it’s finished as well. :)