Doll dresses and body blushing

I have recently made a couple outfits for my girls and don’t think I’ve shown them yet.


Sierra ready for prom

These two for Aria are using the Infinity Dress pattern I got from this site. The first one I did was using a fat quarter I had lying around and I did not have enough to hem so it is freyed. The second one was using a stretchy material that worked out much better. It also fit her better than the first due to the first being much too big in the waist.


For the first time I attempted to do body blushing on a doll. I only did his torso (and back) and I think it looks better than when he had nothing. I can’t decide if I made it too dark or not but it will do.
First body blushing

I am not finished yet, but I am also making a jacket for one of my big boys and will post when I get around to finishing it.