NY Sheep & Wool – “Rhinebeck”

For the fourth year now, my mother and I have gone to Rhinebeck together with the crew from Webs. They rent three buses and take about 120 of us excited fiber artists to NY for the day on Saturday. On the way there, they give out prizes, like yarn, patterns, and money. I managed to win this year! I got a cute project bag that held six balls of white, super soft, mystery yarn (no labels).  This year I also tried to take more pictures to show how busy it is. I did not get pictures in the busier areas because I didn’t want to block people.  Here are all the pictures I took. My purchases will be at the end.

And here are the goodies that I bought! I still had some money left over, and while I loved everything, I didn’t find too much that said ‘buy me now’. I still have a wishlist of things I plan to get in the future, but this will hold me over. Especially since the Fiber Festival of New England is in a couple weeks! :)



Rhinebeck 2015

Okay, I’m late in posting this here. I’ve been distracted with other things, like finishing a knitting project which I’ll post about next. This was my third year now going to Rhinebeck with my mother. Like before, we went on the group bus from Webs and had a fun time. Neither of us won a prize on the bus this time, but that’s fine. Anyway, on to pictures! The photos there were taken with my phone. The ones of what I bought were taken with my camera. Sorry for the poor quality phone pictures. I was trying to be quick because it was madhouse!

On the bus getting ready to go! Leaving just after 7am *yawns* At least Webs gave us cider and cider donuts!

Some beautiful views on the way down

Crowded like crazy, but everyone was really nice about it.

At least there was more room to move outside.

It is mandatory to take a picture of this tree every year.

Yes, the apple cider donuts are worth this wait! Finally made it to the top in this pic (next in line!). This line almost merged with the falaffle line at the bottom!

Pot bellied piggy!

Give me fooood!

Going over the Hudson River on the way home.

Now on to the things I bought. I had most of a pay check with me and still had $20 at the end. Pretty good!

Fiber Optic Yarns, paintbox – Fire in the Sky

Fiber Optic Yarns, paintbox – Black-Red-Yellow

Loop – Sea Siren

Loop – Cornucopia

Into the Whirled – Rhinebeck limited colorway!

Knitting stitch dictionary, signed by Margaret! She is such a sweet lady to talk to. I bought one of her crochet books last year.

And that is everything. I talked with some really nice women (forgot to ask their names/Rav names), saw lots of beautiful clothing and shawls, and some good food, then went home and passed out. I had a blast and am already looking forward to going again next year.