Three more scarves! Time to fill a box!

I have finished three more scarves already. I have found that I can finish one in a few hours so I could get one done a night if I don’t get distracted by something else! I am hoping to fill a box to donate to one of the shelters around my area so people in need can be at least a little warmer.




I have four more skeins of that green yarn left. That first blue one was slow going because the yarn was thicker than was meant for the reed I was using but it’s the only one I have at the moment. The Black/blue/purple one I did last night and have enough yarn left to make two more like it.

After I get rid of this older yarn, I am going to spin more of my own up so I can weave with handspun to make an 100% made by me scarf! I’m really enjoying my Cricket loom and maybe I’ll get one a bit bigger (possibly the 25″ Flip).

Pinwheel Houndstooth scarf

Here is my third finished scarf on my Schacht Cricket loom! This time I tried something a bit different. I used yarn I had in my stash and the colors are a bit bright so it’s hard to see the pattern, but it is there!

#3 Finished

And this is my cat Black Jack supervising me while I was warping for the previous scarf!