Completed Dress

Here is the dress I did for Mira. I adjusted the size a tiny bit from the draft version but it looks like I need to go a tad bigger in the waist area. It ripped slightly in the back when I was putting it on her.

I still need to practice more with the eyelets, they did not go in right again so the back doesn’t look good. If I can manage to make one without ruining the back, then I will add lace and such to the dress so it won’t be so plain.

Dress test 2


More clothes!

I just ordered a couple of new things for my incoming bjd, Raelyn (DoT Shall). I still can’t wait until everything gets here and then I can start taking pictures of her. I’ve also started saving up for DoT Ducan and am hoping to get him this year, but we’ll see how things go.

If it is nice this weekend, I’m going to try and make a few things for her, maybe a couch for her to sit on or a bag to carry her in. I haven’t seen one online that I liked that’s in stock. Again, we’ll see how things go. ^.^