NY Sheep & Wool – “Rhinebeck”

For the fourth year now, my mother and I have gone to Rhinebeck together with the crew from Webs. They rent three buses and take about 120 of us excited fiber artists to NY for the day on Saturday. On the way there, they give out prizes, like yarn, patterns, and money. I managed to win this year! I got a cute project bag that held six balls of white, super soft, mystery yarn (no labels).  This year I also tried to take more pictures to show how busy it is. I did not get pictures in the busier areas because I didn’t want to block people.  Here are all the pictures I took. My purchases will be at the end.

And here are the goodies that I bought! I still had some money left over, and while I loved everything, I didn’t find too much that said ‘buy me now’. I still have a wishlist of things I plan to get in the future, but this will hold me over. Especially since the Fiber Festival of New England is in a couple weeks! :)



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  1. Patsye
    Feb 02, 2018 @ 20:39:00

    I looked around for your email. It’s not on here??? You can contact me on my email through that little girl on the right in front of the British Post. But this is OK too. With several breaks I’ve been on and off the Internet all day trying, unsuccessfully, to figure out Facebook, and Ravelry. I just joined Facebook today but have written nothing Ravelry has been on my radar for awhile, but again, nothing up yet. Now, I used to go to all the Md. Sheep and Wool Festivals. Like for 15 years or more. Indeed, it was only a few years ago I threw out all my “books” that they used to give away free, but then started charging for. They were thick and full of everything you’d ever want to know about where to get what. But if this sounds like I’m “good with wool,” believe me when I say I am not. I am a needlepointer, punch needler, rug puncher, and that’s the extent of my woolworks. I can’t knit worth crap, and I tried to the point of tears to spin on a borrowed wheel. And I haven’t gotten past threading (wrong word, I’m sure) my little loom. You have my admiration.

    But I love wool. I love the look and feel, and mostly the smell of it. And I have a ton of it in my house. What makes a person buy something they can’t do anything with besides admire its aroma? I am sure I am not the only one. We have a couple of pretty good yarn shops near me. One is in Black Mountain on the way to Asheville, NC, and the other is in Hickory. I’m half way between the two cities. In the foothills. Convenient for optimal choices for a drive.

    I am designing punch needle now, and I’ve only been open a day, hence my interest in Facebook and Ravelry. I see a lot of punch needle on Ravelry – by those more experienced than me. I was prolific in punch needle and just decided I would do my own designs because I am a watercolor artist. While you did your own designs first, I needed instructions, some of which got from other’s patterns, and some not so much. We’ll see if I am successful. I’ve had two sales in the first day, so I am hopeful.

    Feel free to visit me on Whimseytopia on Etsy. But you can also find my own work on my wordpress site. I’ve been on there for years.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. I love all those pics you take. Your cat is adorable. I have Lucy and The Pumpkin, a brother and sister who don’t look anything alike. They are the love of my life. They rescued ME!

    Feel free to contact me at my email address. We can share ideas and pictures. I should say I’m probably old enough to be your grandmother, but I feel 21 despite having a full and fun life behind me. Patsye


  2. Patsye
    Feb 02, 2018 @ 14:14:59

    I just had a discussion last weekend with someone about which is bigger: Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival or Rhinebeck. She’s a NY’er, so I deferred. I found you through your post on punch needle, and I too use Amy Oxford’s punch needles for larger projects. Mine, however, did not come cheap. I’ve never taken a class with her, but I have two rugs on her website gallery (Maryland Red, White and Blue Crab, and The Stargazer… I love both forms of punching to the point I have a bolt of both weaver’s cloth and monk’s cloth in my studio.

    Would love to hear from you. Though I’m way older, we have a lot in common. …like cats. I have two. Glad you’re on WordPress. Patsye


    • LuckyXIIICreations
      Feb 02, 2018 @ 19:47:41

      Hello Patsye! I have never been to MSW so I don’t know how it compares in size. I’m not sure where you are located, but if you like smaller events (though still with plenty of vendors) I highly recommend checking out the Fiber Festival of New England. It goes on at the Big E fairgrounds so there is plenty of room for moving around in the building.

      I am still having fun with my punch needles. I have never taken a class but it’s pretty easy to do. I have only been doing my own patters so far but there are many from designers that I have my eyes on. I just wanted to get more confident first before I jumped into those.

      Feel free to send me a message whenever you like. I am always up for a chat!


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