Tour de Fleece – Day Eight

I am still waiting for the replacement part for my wheel. Hopefully it has been shipped out and will arrive any day now. I had not spun for the past couple of days and I was already missing it.

I do have spindles, two Turkish spindles and two drop, so I decided to use one of them. I went with on of my Snyder Turkish spindles, the one I actually had not used yet. The reason I had not started spindling when my wheel broke is because I have a bad right shoulder do to a sports injury. I am right handed.

I started spinning anyway and ignored the pain in my shoulder. I probably should not have spun for so many hours straight (seven!) but when I spin, I hate stopping until I finish what I’m spinning. Spindling is so much slower than a wheel. It took me about seven hours to spin up 1.75 oz of fiber. I can normally do a whole Loop bump (avg between 5-6 oz) in an hour and a half.

Anyway, it is now done except for plying. I will not be plying on a spindle and may leave this as singles. It is still on the spindle but I want to show it off anyway to show that I’ve spun something!

This is my first time spinning one of these. I think it counts as pencil roving. Very easy and nice to spin. I’ll definitely pick up some more when I see them. The colors are great too. The colorway for this one is “Royal”.


Shoppel “Royal”

And on the Turkish spindle.




Multiple colors!

I will probably spin some more on my Turk but I’ll try and be better about taking breaks. I’ll be going out at some point today to buy some veggies so that will be at least an hour break.

Spin on!


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