Tour de Fleece – Day Four

I knew I would not get as much spinning done because of work, but I did get another 4oz spun up. This is a Loop cloud “Three Ring Circus”. Right now it is a single ply and I may keep it like that. Until I decide, I’ll keep it on the bobbin

It has lots of colors, sparkle, and shininess to it that you can see a bit in the picture. Here is what it looked like to start:


And here it is single ply:


“Three Ring Circus”

This was my first time spinning from a cloud. It was rather fun and I was able to grab whichever section I wanted to spread the color out. I’ll definitely be buying another cloud from Loop in the future. Probably at Rhinebeck in October.

Spin on!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. shellssells
    Jul 06, 2016 @ 09:37:45

    I adore clouds! And I admit, I love that one as a single! It looks so pretty on your bobbin. I’ve not spun one yet, though I have one in my stash. But, I did knit someone else’s skein for her, and it was just as thrilling to knit with as it would be to spin with it. All those pretty pops of color!


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