Tour de Fleece – Day One

Like last year, this year I am on three teams for the tour: Team Webs, Team Merlin Tree, and Team Loop.

I have a big stash of fiber so it’s always hard to choose which I am going to spin first. Last year I was subscribed to Spinning Box, which is a great subscription based product where you get sent samples from various venders, plus the main vendor Camaj fiber arts. I did a six month subscription but had not spun any of it yet. So I decided to spin up these boxes to start.

The first one I grabbed was from last August which was ocean themed (each month is themed). I wanted to spin the larger colorway from Camaj seperatly, but wasn’t sure about the rest. I decided to just spin them all one after the other and then ply it together and see what I got. I’m not sure what I think of the final product of that bunch, but I love how the Camaj spun up on it’s own.

This is all the others plied together.



This is the colorway “Sea Nymph” created by Camaj. I love, love, love how it spun up!


“Sea Nymph”

I have not set the twist yet so don’t have a yardage for them right now. Together, they weigh just under 10oz.

I don’t know which box I will be doing next, or if I’ll do a Loop bump next instead. We’ll see!


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