My first loom-knit fingerless gloves

After I finished that baby blanket for my niece (see previous post), I finally started a project on one of my new looms. I used the fingerless glove loom from CinDWoodCrafts. I really love this loom because the sizes are already marked in different colored pegs.


CinDWood Crafts fingerless glove loom

There were many different patterns to choose from. I wanted something that wasn’t really complicated but still looked interesting. I picked the Inverted Garter Block Fingerless Gloves pattern (found both on Ravelry and the CinD website with the loom). I did struggle at first because I got confused about a part of the pattern, but after I figured it out, it went quickly. I did do it a bit different. I only did the block pattern on the front of the gloves instead of both sides of the body. This made less pegs to keep track of which is what I wanted for my first time doing fingerless gloves.


One down!

I tried the first one on to test the fit to make sure I didn’t need to go up or down a size. It’s a little loose, but wearable. I quickly cast on the second glove and finished it in a few hours.


My first pair done!

The pattern looks like a mess in the above picture, but in person it actually looks right. The yarn I used was Lisa Souza Hardtwist Merino Petite in the color Portsmouth. I held it double since it is thin. The next pair I make will be using heavier yarn.  My mother stole these right away, but of course we are now getting a week of warmer than average weather, so she’ll be waiting a bit before she uses them.


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