Learn Something New: Cables

I have always been in love with cables, ever since I was little. I had a cabled sweater I used to wear all the time until it fell apart! A few years ago I started trying to teach myself how to knit. I’ve been working on it off and on, but I’m trying to get more done. I’ve decided that I was going to finally attempt cables!

I’ve always been intimidated by cables because they look so complicated to do. I was talking with a knitter at one of the fairs I went to last year and mentioned that to her. She was knitting something with cables at the time and showed me how easy they were to do. So now that I have time, I finally started something with cables. I chose the Irish Hiking Scarf which is a free pattern available on Ravelry. It looked really easy and I wasn’t intimidated by a hundred different abbreviations. There are only two rows that are repeated seven times, then the eighth row (the cable row) is only slightly different. I started working on it over the weekend.

It is so easy! I don’t know why I waited so long to try out cables. Now that I know how they are done, I’m going to finally tackle the long list of cables I have faved over on Ravelry.  What I’m knitting right now is not going to be long enough for the Irish Hiking Scarf (I don’t have enough of this yarn) but it is enough to get me practice.  For now, I have a few repeats done of this pattern.

Irish Hiking Scarf in progress

I only wish that I had picked an easier yarn to learn with. This one has mohair in it and the extra fuzz makes it a bit fiddly. Not impossible though so I’m going to keep going until I use up this yarn. There is only 140 yards or so, I’m hoping long enough to make a cowl at least. If not, I will save it and use it for a big block in a blanket. :)


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