My First Spinning Box

There are a ton of different monthly subscription boxes out there, which makes me very excited. I was doing one for Japanese treats for a while (Skoshbox) but since I’m trying to lose weight, I did not renew my subscription. Then while on Ravelry (I think) I started seeing ads for a Spinning Box, so of course I had to check it out. I love surprises like this and being fiber related was a huge plus. Not that I really need to add more to my stash, but at least Tour de Fleece is starting soon so hopefully I’ll be spinning up a lot of my stash.

Anyway, after looking at pictures and videos of previous boxes, I decided to sign up for the three month package. This month’s theme is “Galaxy” so I was very excited to see what would be in it. It arrived the other day and my mind was blown at the amount of goodies in that box. I was expecting half that amount!  As soon as I took it out of the box and opened the tissue paper, everything exploded on my bed!

The pictures can speak for themselves:

100_3080 100_3081 100_3084 100_3085 100_3086 100_3087 100_3096 100_3097 100_3103 100_3105 100_3106 100_3107 100_3110 100_3112 100_3113 100_3114 100_3115 100_3116 100_3117 100_3118 100_3119 100_3120 100_3121

So was it worth it? YES! Am I glad I signed up for the three month and am already thinking I’ll extending it longer after that? Hell YES!  If you haven’t already, go check out Spinning Box, but you have to be quick as there is only a limited number of subscriptions each month. If you are interested, sign up for the email.  Also, they do have a Facebook page.

The next challenge will be figuring out what to make with everything!


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