Tour de Fleece 2014

For those not familiar with it, Tour de Fleece is a yarn spinning event that goes on during the Tour de France. It runs from July 5th to July 27th. The goal can be whatever you want it to be; from trying to spin as much yarn as you can to trying out new techniques.  For people who don’t spin yarn, they do their own challenges and it is fun all around for fiber and yarn lovers.

This year is the first time that I have participated and I had a blast. I learned how to chain/Navajo ply and I spun alpaca and Targhee for the first time. Below are pictures of the yarns that I spun during the event. I spun a total of 2.025 yards which is equal to 1.15 miles!

Berry Ice Cream Blue Dream Chocolate Rainbow Color Forest Hopscotch Let the Sun Shine Purple Fog Water Ballet

My next event will be doing Spinzilla, also for the first time, in October. The following week is Rhinebeck, which is good because I’ll need to restock my fiber supply!

I am currently waiting on a tri-loom and I will be weaving up most of this yarn into shawls. I can’t wait to see how they turn out.


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