Baby blanket

I finished the baby blanket that I have been working on off and on for awhile now. It will be for my brothers baby who is due at the end of this month. They want the gender to be a surprise, so I figured that cream was a nice  neutral color. This blanket is loom knit and just uses the basic stitch, nothing fancy.



Last weekend I played with a new kind of resin. I found some bottle caps to test it out with to see how it worked. You can’t really tell there is resin in these, but there is. Only two of them messed up. The powder floated to the top a bit. The hart still needs to be polished. It has silver dust through it, those are not air bubbles. 


I currently am working on knitting a hat to go towards the 500 Hats charity I posted about the other day. They are collected hats up until the end of this month. I will post a picture closer to the end of the month to show what I made. Hopefully I won’t get distracted and will have more than this one to show off!


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