The NaNoWriMo word count post – WINNER!

I will be updating this post as NaNo progresses. This way I can keep track of how I’m doing in more than one place.

Day 1: 3, 400  (If I can keep this pace up, I’ll be thrilled!)

Day 3: 10,244 (total)

Day 5: 3,284 written (13,508 total)

Day 7: 3,548 written (17,056 total) It’s early but my mind is wandering too much to do anymore tonight.

I have been a bit bad at updating this! I have written a little bit every day except for two days were I was too busy and distracted.

Day 14: 25,065! I have now hit the halfway mark to the 50k goal!

Day 15:  27,336

Day 16: 29,060

Day 27: 47,301. Yikes, I missed updating a lot. The end is in sight and I would have finished tonight but it is already 11:30pm and I need to work in the morning. I will finish tomorrow!

Day 28: I have validated my novel and won with a total of 50,138! My novel is far from finished and then I get to edit, edit, edit!

As you can see from my graph, I started out strong and then slowed down. There were a few days where I did not write and a few where I wrote only a few hundred so it’s not very visible with the bars. All that matters is that I kept writing and that is what allowed me to win.

I worked on getting my ideas down and writing what I had floating around in my head without worrying over every little detail at the time. When I finish, I can go back and edit and add in the thinks I skipped over or was not sure about at the time. Either way I a enjoying writing this story and hope to finish it and maybe even take the next step and take it to a real editor!

Haha, I guess we’ll see on that last one. Sometimes I procrastinate a lot so I’ll work on finishing writing the story first and then the next steps when the time comes.


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