Doll face ups

Since I have gotten into the ball-jointed doll (BJD) hobby, I have been working on improving doing the face ups. I have a couple dolls where I paid extra to have the company do the face up, but I have found that I actually really like doing them myself now. While I have improved a little bit, I still have a long way to go. Having never worn make up myself, I was starting from a blank slate.

This is the very first face up that I did. Model is a Dream of Doll, Dream of Teen Shall.
face-up attempt #1

The eyebrows are too high, the lips are painted too heavily with acrylic pant, very little color to the cheeks and not color shading done around the eyes or elsewhere. She did eventually get upper lashes put in but they are off in the above picture.

This is the face up I just completed yesterday. Model is a Dream of Doll, Dream of Teen Dream (not sure which version).

The eyebrows are lower and have a more natural shape and look, the lips are colored with pastels instead of acrylics (I don’t fill in the crevice due to it being hard to remove), visible color on the cheeks and not only does she have shading around her eyes but I even gave her eyeshadow. She has upper lashes in, a bit hard to tell in the pic, but I still need to work on lower lashes.

Please note that in the second picture that the head is more pink than the body. The body was originally that pink too but it is two years old now and they ‘yellow’ over time. The head I bought second hand from someone who had kept it in a box so it had not lost any color. I may try to blush the body to match better at a later point.

What does anyone else think? Have I improved?


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