Projects for 2011

So, here are some things I am hoping to make or do this coming year. When I finish something and post the completed project, I will put the link here for easy finding. Not everything will be crafty though.

1. White Tiger latchhook kit. I’ve had it for years just sitting in the box
2. Reusable sandwich bags
3. Hangable plastic bag holder Finished 1/8
4. Paint my craft room. Maybe replace rugs.
5. Find a use for Rexlace
6. Make something for mom. I’m thinking one of those button and embroidery trees.
7. Mini bead and wire bonsai tree (like this)
8. Organize my project folder Finished 1/8
9. Learn more embroidery
10. Try learning crochet again. I want to make some Amigurumi!
11. Learn more stitches with knitting, then make something other than scarves
12. Make dress up outfits and jewelry for my niece, Lilly.
13. Use up polymer clay
14. Finish the Poppet I started a couple years ago
15. Make myself a lightweight bathrobe
16. Finish the project I started on my bead loom
17. Spin some yarn
18. Eventually try out spinning on a real wheel (I only have a drop spindle right now)
19. Buy a Cricket Loom
20. Make a cork board for my craft room Finished (1-1-11)
21. Get rid of the candles I have to get more storage space
22. Make art/decorations for my room
23. Go through my books again and see what I can get rid of
24. Make new t-shirts to replace my really old ones
25. Make an outfit for cosplay for CTCon 2011! (no idea who though)
26. Make clothes for my bjds (dolls)
27. Do something with the soda tabs I saved
28. Make some Kanzashi flowers (like this)
29. Learn how to bookbind
30. Needle felt something. I have the supplies minus the roving.
31. Totoro needlepoint
32. Character plushies
33. Steampunk theme stuff (clothes? Accessories? Modded Nerf gun?)
34. Water-proof fishing game for niece. I already have an idea for it!
35. Hat and scarf sets to donate
36. Knit a steering wheel cover (need to find a pattern)
37. Make a kimono. I already have the pattern, just need fabric.
38. Learn how to make resin pendents or other resin things
39. Knit legwarmers
40. T-shirt into sweatshirt
41. Rag rug for in front of kitchen sink
41. Felt dryer balls
42. Dust cover for sewing machine
43. Something Tree of Life themed
44. Thread catcher
45. Banana Jam (or butter?)
46. Paper garland
47. Washer pendants Finished! (1-2-11)
48. Fabric beads
49. Fabric covered buttons
50. Knit my first pair of socks

More will be added as I think of them.


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