Fiber Festival of New England

I went to this today and got back around 3:30. I was only there for a couple hours but I still enjoyed it. There was so much pretty fibers and yarns and all that good fibery stuff. I got help from a few super nice ladies; one whom I bought my punchneedle stuff, one that I talk to before about rug hooking who also helped me with punchneedle stuff, and another woman who helped with the drop spindle. Now, hopefully, I’ll be able to finish the things that I’ve started that have been sitting around for over a month.

I also finally got to see the angora rabbits in person and they are just as fluffy as they look in the pictures. Some of them were so fluffy they looked like giant dustballs. When they lay down, their heads disappeared into their poofy fur. It was so cute and funny, I wish I had brought my camera!

If you are thinking about going, be sure to check it out tomorrow! You can go to to find out more about it. It is $5 to park and $5 to get in, well worth it!


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